Dr. Hector Farias Jr. Personal Information




       A.A. degree from Laredo Junior College, 1959

        B.S. degree in English from Texas A&I University, 1961

       M.S. degree in Educational Administration from Texas A&I University, 1965

        Ph.D. degree in Medical Education & Educational Administration from Northwestern University, 1971

        Graduate Research Fellow, 1969-1971


Professional Appointments

        Licensed U.S. Customshouse Broker, Laredo, Texas: 1980 - Present

       Treasurer of Webb County, Laredo, Texas: 1979-1986

        Director of Federal Programs, Laredo Junior College: 1974-1979

        Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, Choose Health, Inc., Laredo, Texas: 1974

       Assistant Professor, Department of Health Education, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 1973-1974

        Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Health Sciences Program, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 1971-1974

        In residence for Doctoral Study, Northwestern University; Assistant Director of Upward Bound Program, Evanston, Illinois: 1969-1971

       Director of Community Organization and Vista Supervisor, Office of Economic Opportunity, Laredo, Texas: 1966-1968

        Director of English Instruction, Laredo Air Force Base, Laredo, Texas: 1965-1966

        Football and Basketball Coach, St. Joseph's Academy, Laredo, Texas: 1964-1966

          English Instructor, Laredo Independent School District, Laredo, Texas: 1961-1966


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