Overview - Licensed Brokers

Our modern office environment equipped with the latest in computer hardware and software, electronic communications systems and experienced bilingual personnel will keep your goods moving at the expedient pace international trade demands today.

Located in north Laredo, our unique site provides for easy access to dining, accommodations and the international bridges. Our offices serve as the International Trade Center of Laredo and the State Tax Refund facility.

Hector and Gonzalo Farias, Marisela C. Ridgley, and R. Alejandra Landis, all four Licensed U.S. Customhouse Brokers, are the heartbeat of the organization. They continually take the pulse of the new changes taking place in the international trade environment and forward on to their personnel the necessary information to expedite the transfer of their clients' merchandise in a professional and legal manner on both the U.S. and Mexican sides.

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                  Dr. Hector Farias, Jr.                       Gonzalo P. Farias           

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                   Marisela C. Ridgley                        R. Alejandra Landis

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