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Customs Power of Attorney Form Instructions
Power of Attorney Form Instructions
(1) Check the box that applies
(2) Type Federal Tax ID for company or Social Security # for individual
(3) Name of company
(4) State of incorporation, if a corporation
(5) Type of organization if other than a corporation, i.e.,: sole proprietorship
(6) name under which business is operated if a partnership or sole proprietorship
(7) Place of residence if individual or sole proprietorship
(8) Business address of firm
(9) Signature of authorized officer
(10) Print name of authorized officer
(11) Title of person signing
(12) Date of signature
(13) Signature and address of one witness to signature of individual issuing power of attorney
(14) Print name of witness
** Please remember to:
1. make copy of power of attorney
2. fax signed form to (956) 727-7627
3. mail original power of attorney form to:
Farias & Farias, Inc.
8406 El Gato Road
Laredo, TX 78045